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Betfair Online Casino Changing to Regional Strategy

Written by: on 25th July 2009
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Officials at Betfair, one of the largest online casino operators, are saying the company is altering its direction by approaching global areas regionally and catering strategies for the specific needs and laws of that country or area. New Chief Technical Officer Tim McAlister, who joined the company in January, says the concentration at Betfair will be less on the core product and more on tailoring individual products for different needs.

"We are calling it a jurisdictional architecture; to be able to deliver (products) where they are legal but only the pieces that are legal," McAlister told in an interview. "In one country, we can do poker but not horse racing, and in another country, casinos but not poker."

McAlister says Betfair's success allows implementation of the new plan. Technical teams will be hired around the globe, each working on their individual modular approach, as overseen my McAlister's group controlling the Betfair network.

"We are moving to a more agile methodology because we are looking at building smaller components and integrating them," he stated.

Upcoming events make alterations an urgent process. The looming World Cup of 2010 promises to be the biggest online sports betting event ever, and Betfair will suspend core changes before and during the tournament to ensure reliability of the system.


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