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Bingo Gala

Written by: on 3rd November 2008
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Bingo Gala

Bingo Gala is one of the premier bingo sites on the internet. Well known for their incredible progressive jackpots, they also have a strong and friendly community making you always feel at home, simple and user-friendly software, a great bonus system, excellent support and a wide variety of chat games.

Bingo Gala also have a solid loyalty program, and have numerous features not available on other sites. The community and progressive jackpots really make Bingo Gala stand out as one of the best online bingo rooms available.

Bingo Gala Software / Layout:

The layout is very well designed, with the balls in play shown very clearly at the top-center of the software. The bingo cards are easy to see and use too, although you can only see three cards on the screen at a time. The lobby is very easy to navigate, following the K.I.S.S. method, with an options screen that offers the ability to auto-daub, auto-bingo and auto-register, meaning you can buy cards for however many games in a row you want. If you don't like your numbers, you can also easily change them(before the game starts obviously!) by clicking on the cards. Bingo Gala also has video poker, slots and pull tabs built into the lobby.

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