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Poland Set to Ban Online Gambling

Written by: on 24th November 2009
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Poland to ban gamblingThe Polish government decided to adopt a law this past weekend that will confine casino gambling to land based casinos only. The new bill will outlaw slot machines that can be found in many Polish shops, cafes, clubs and many service stations. This is a major blow to small businesses that rely on slot machines for additional income.

The Polish senate voted in favour of the bill with 48 votes to 3 and 30 abstentions. It now requires the signature of the Polish president, Lech Kaczynski before it can come into effect.

The Polish ban comes nearly two months after the Prime Minister Donald Tusk was forced to sack four senior Polish officials over the allegations of allowing gaming lobbyists to influence his cabinet over gambling legislations.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk said: “Barring any surprises, I hope the president will be able to affix his signature as of November 30.” 

What is more interesting in this case is that according to polish website, gambling sites will bring 350 million zlotys ($127 million) to this year’s budget, meaning the ban will stretch the state budget even further in  the coming years.

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